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14 Wokest signs at the March for Life 2018

As you’ve probably seen, I tend to find the best signs at the March for Life each year and do a pretty big post. This year, Aleteia carried my post with the 14 wokest signs at the March for Life. Here are 2 but you need to click on the link to see the rest. …

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The 29 Most Lit Signs at the 2017 March for Life

On Friday January 27, well over half a million gathered in Washington to commemorate 44 years since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal nationwide. (2013 was 650,000 and regulars kept telling me this was the biggest crowd ever.) Many people held printed signs with phrases like “I Am the Pro-Life Generation,” “Stop Abortion Now,” or …

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Pro-Life or Social Justice: a False Catholic Dichotomy

Right after the March for Life, the USCCB organized the Catholic Social Ministries Gathering. As one of the few who attended both events, I saw many people who were both pro-life and pro-social justice but I also saw a false dichotomy between the two in some. Unfortunately, some at the March for Life show inadequate care …

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