Fetal Cell Lines ≠ Aborted Baby Parts

I wrote a post over on Patheos In the discussion around vaccines tested on fetal cell lines there is what appears to be a small matter of terminology but actually points to a significant difference both ontologically and morally. This [...]

A Timeline Those Now Critiquing My HEK293 Post Miss

A post from my blog: I think a little timeline is helpful to understand how my post on how almost every medicine was tested on HEK-293 changed the argument. You can’t argue that based on your standard now, the standard I applied [...]

Lying About Vaccines Is Sinful

A post from my blog on Patheos. Last year, I wrote a piece on lying to avoid mask mandates. I think it applies to two situations about vaccines. It is immoral to create fake vaccine cards and it is immoral [...]

Missing the Point about Remote Cooperation / Appropriation

I posted this over on Patheos. My piece from January, If Any Drug Tested on HEK-293 Is Immoral, Goodbye Modern Medicine, continues to be widely viewed, averaging over 1000 views a day in the past month. This has lead to several people [...]

Bridgeport: The Best Vaccine Mandate Instruction Yet

On Patheos, I noted this diocese did a good job. Various dioceses have issued statements about vaccine mandates that seem contradictory. I think many of the others have missed one side or the other of a two-part reality. First, the [...]

Did the Pope Say the Commandments are Relative?

This question came up so I wrote about it on Patheos. Simple answer: no! The Pope did not say the Ten Commandments are relative. Complicated answer: let’s look at how an issue in translation and assuming the worst might lead [...]

Imprudence & Imprecision on Vaccines & Mandates

I addressed this issue over on Patheos. On August 5, the Bishops of Colorado issued a statement that although not technically wrong, was imprecise in ways that can easily mislead an average reader. I think these wordings are imprudent. Although it is [...]

Electronic Privacy and Fidelity

I wrote a long piece about privacy in response to the Burril Case on Patheos. After The Pillar’s expose on Msgr. Burrill using Grindr, there have been a whole bunch of people claiming this was a breach of privacy. As a [...]

“Distractions” and Priestly Fidelity

One line in the USCCB statement on Msgr. Burril’s resignation made me wonder, so I wrote something. One line from the USCCB’s statement on Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill’s resignation has bothered me: they state he is resigning “in order to avoid becoming a [...]

Who is Weaponizing the Eucharist? Politicians, Not Bishops

Some recent events and comments made me write this: Recently concerns have arisen over the bishops following historical pastoral practice and insisting that people repent before the Eucharist. Those who insist on going to Communion when they know they should [...]

I’m Moving to Patheos (link to new home)

This post is pretty simple. I’m moving to Patheos Catholic so please follow me there on my column “Through Catholic Lenses.” I don’t have much else to add beyond suggesting you read the description there regarding the name. Through Catholic [...]

3 Distinctions When Catholics Are Accused of “Discrimination”

I recently wrote about the cases of “discrimination” on Catholic Stand. In recent years, there have been many claims that this or that Catholic group was discriminatory. Everything from “Pro-choice Woman Denied Catholic Wedding” to “Gay Teacher Fired” to “Autistic [...]