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Mar 22

Rethinking College Athletics…

While college tuitions skyrocket, many Division 1 colleges lose millions of dollars on their sports programs, leaving students to shoulder the losses and rack up debt. Brave New Films has the scoop. Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Here’s a story on how students often end up subsidizing athletic programs up to $5,700 …

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Oct 23

Are Publicly-Funded Catholic Schools a Good Thing?

How often do we wish that Catholic schools got funding like public schools? How often do we see parents struggle to pay for a Catholic education? There are a few places that Catholic schools are publicly funded. Now I want to use my experience of both realities to present the advantages and disadvantages. I grew …

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Sep 04

Twerking Who Can Be a Teen Role Model

How did this end the way it did?

We always need to tweak our standards to see if a certain person should be a model for our teens. One star, Miley Cyrus, just “twerked” most people’s perception of her. However, I saw red flags back when she first started as Hannah Montana. Hollywood and the movie industry seems to pump out some new starlet …

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