22nd Century?

It isn’t about architecture

If the Catholic Church does not improve its youth ministry today, by the 22nd century it will only be a shell of what it is today. On the other hand, if we create dynamic youth ministry today, the 22nd century could be the Catholic century.

This is a blog about youth ministry, fully Catholic youth ministry. The goal is not just to provide games to fill up your youth ministry program. Instead this blog strives to be a repository for ideas that transform youth ministry. (That doesn’t mean it won’t have games or activities.)

I don’t think I have all the answers, but I hope I have a few.  I ask for your cooperation: please propose new posts and ideas. On the same strand, my goal is not so much to transform systems but to transform individuals. A change of heart of one youth minister often has more value than a new diocesan youth ministry policy.

This blog also deals with catechesis due to its direct connection with youth ministry. Other items – liturgy, news, commentaries, and vocations – are dealt with in so much as they affect youth ministry and catechesis.