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Dec 19

Birthday Rosaries for Pope Francis

I mailed the following 1-page letter to Pope Francis. Dear Pope Francis in Christ, Happy birthday! I hope that you had a blessed and holy birthday filled with God’s joy and love. Since your birthday was on Saturday, a group of us thought it would be appropriate to each offer a rosary for you on …

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Jun 16

Risen: a Movie Ruined by Trying to Be a Christian Movie More Than Trying to Be a Good Movie

[Spoiler alerts: I give away the plot] I don’t write movie reviews because I simply don’t watch that many movies. Several people had told me that Risen was a great movie so I found time to watch it a few days ago. I really liked the first two thirds of the movie as it really …

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Jun 09

The 9 Non-Negotiables

For years, Catholic Answers has produced a helpful voters’ guide on the five non-negotiable moral issues for Catholics. It is good but in the years since it was first produced, four more issues have come up that I think are worth adding to the list of non-negotiable moral issues. I will explain both what these …

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Oct 18

#StJohnPaul2 Twitterstorm, Oct 22 @ 6pm Eastern

John Paul II was the one who inspired my vocation to the priesthood. So many others were touched by him. Now Pope Francis has everything set to make him a saint. To celebrate let’s all tweet about Pope John Paul on his feast-day, October 22nd at 6pm Eastern Time (5pm central, 4pm mountain, and 3pm …

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Jun 21

I’m on retreat

This post is scheduled. I started my retreat on Friday. I’m doing 8-day spiritual exercises based on the Ignatian method. On Saturday the 29th, God-willing, I will be ordained a deacon with 22 of my brother Legionaries. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve programmed an image summarizing each day to appear. As …

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Mar 27

The Call of Duty

I have several new interesting posts already thought up. I have 1 on awe or wonder, 1 on the value of mega-events like WYD, and 1 on the Boys Scouts upcoming decision on homosexual scout masters. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to write any right now. I leave you this very quick post to wish you all …

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Mar 13

The Conclave and Confession

The Cardinals vote 4 times a day, they burn the ballots every 2nd vote. No records are kept saved in their collective memories. Unlike any president’s cabinet, no secret minutes are taken then released 50 years later. Even today, we don’t know how many votes any of the previous Popes got or who got votes …

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Dec 11

Why Did God Made Moms?

A friend sent me this note about why God made mothers. I think it is appropriate. Some of the younger kids we deal with in youth ministry probably still think these things. And hey, it´s a good laugh. Answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions:  Why did God make mothers? 1. She’s …

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Oct 15

Another Author

OK, I was told the only way to get my author’s name to appear was to create a junk post by another author. So here it is.